maanantai 12. heinäkuuta 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates... First off... A huge thanks to everybody who showed up at Tavastia at our record release party!!! We had a blast! Also: BIG UP to all the DJ's... Fat&Ez, Ginger Boy, Emperatron, Henry Saari!!
Thank you!

We also wanna thank everyone who has picked up our record! Our label says the album is doing good!!!

... It's Jack's bday! And we got asked to play at his bday party? How fuckin' cool is that? 4 shows, 4 cities. And the tickets are FREE. That's right. 0 €

Get your tickets at your local Carlings store!!!

New video / single coming soon... (!) We'll keep you posted...

keskiviikko 2. kesäkuuta 2010

Interview with Jonas & Lars Pontus on YLE X tonight at 6 p.m.!

I guess you can listen to it online @ --- so 6 p.m. Finnish time!

perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010


Our new album 'A Life Of Vice' hit the stores on Wednesday! Be sure to go and pick up your own copy before next Wednesday... let's try to break the Top 40!! You can pick it up at your local Anttila Top Ten!

You can also order it online using the following links:

Record Shop X (worldwide shipping)

On the day of the release we played a short DJ set at Levykauppa Äx in Helsinki (thanks girls for showing up :) and then headed over to The Cable Factory to check out our friend Andy McCoy's art exhibition opening party. The exhibition is open until Sunday and we warm-heartedly recommend it to all of you. Some cool works by Herman Brood and Oskar Ohlson too!

Oh, we did an interview with the lovely Tea for Moon TV last week... it's up online now

and we got a new review up on

maanantai 10. toukokuuta 2010

Terror on the beach

There's an article about us in the new issue of Helsingin Uutiset... you can read it online here

torstai 6. toukokuuta 2010


Just finished our short but intense instore DJ-set at Swamp Music in Tampere. A beautiful female salesperson was kind enough to serve us food and alcoholic beverages and loaded our hands full of old Earache releases (the re-releases that come w/ dvd's), Cathedral's "Forest of Equilibrium" is currently blasting in our car.

At the moment we're hanging at our favorite spot in Hämeenlinna, namely Suisto... we played here back in October last year and just about everything about this place is f-in great :) Very recommended.

Mis-hap of the week: Our beautiful synth-op Sophie (to the left) broke her face the other day... She says she doesn't know what happened and claims she was sober... Sure thing honey.

The painting is done by a bloke called Matt Sesow and we think it's kinda cool. We had to google "fucked up face" and look for something more lightweight since the picture of Elizabeth Short I suggested made Lars' stomach turn. (editor E.P.)

Stay tuned for pictures of Sophie... We hope you recover soon.